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Full-Time Boss Podcast with Nia Hines

Nia Hines

Have you ever considered taking the leap and transitioning into your business full time? Do you think having a promising business plan and financial security is the key to a successful transition? Welp—think again!

Nia Hines, host of the “Full-Time Boss” podcast, is a business maverick with nearly 20 years of experience as a small business owner. At a very early age, Nia learned how to merge her analytical and creative strengths to survive and thrive in her community and environment. Since taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, following a corporate career as an engineer, Nia has been able to harness her entrepreneurial experience and professional expertise to provide concise, comprehensive and knowledgeable business coaching to service-based entrepreneurs aspiring to focus on their business full time.

The key to transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship goes beyond just having a promising business plan; it requires you to shift your employee mindset and learn how to think and make decisions as a CEO. Once you unlock this ability and learn how to navigate your mind and emotions, that’s when you’ll be able to experience unlimited growth beyond your wildest dreams in entrepreneurship.

In each episode, Nia shares the key areas and skills she’s focused on and honed during her journey to becoming a full-time boss—from conquering the mindset shifts to hard lessons learned to expected growing pains.